Strategic Alliances & JVs

Venturi & Company assists clients of all sizes with the ability to capitalize on market opportunities through joint ventures, joint marketing agreements, distribution agreements, technology and IP licensing arrangements, R&D partnerships, and other collaborative ventures. Our team leverages their combined knowledge of global markets and deep understanding of our clients' business strategies to facilitate strategic alliances and identify joint venture opportunities, both domestic and internationally.

Corporate partnering arrangements can take a myriad of forms and span a continuum based upon the desired degree of integration. The ability to achieve a successful business relationship, partnership or combination will often be a balance between sharing control and committing.

Transaction Disciplines

Experience and Insight

Our senior professionals each bring over 20 years of experience advising global leaders on their most important transactions.

Unbiased and Independent Advice

We provide objective advice free from conflicts created by competing business lines, research, underwriting or trading activities.

A Client-Focused Approach

By putting our clients' interests first and having our senior professionals deeply involved in every project, we create long-term and trusted relationships.